Central-positioned Mechanism Mea
Central-positioned Mechanism Mea
Central-positioned Mechanism Measuring Bottle Milking System
In central-positioned mechanism milking system, each milking cup group fixed in the middle of the groove can be used by both sides, the utilization efficiency of each milking cup group can be improved obviously compared with double sides milking, Which is the most economical investment program, and central-positioned mechanism milking system can be fixed conveniently in a majority of original milking parlor, the cows can come into the milking parlor group by group, milk simultaneously or orderly, which make the best use of space and equipments, which improve the work efficiency and rate of return, meanwhile, provides better work condition for workers.
◆Low-cost maintenance and easy to operate
◆The milking cup group can be used by the two sides.
◆S type hot galvanized the back guardrail or stainless steel splash board
◆choose to install the quick release cow device that can improve the release speed 
◆choose to install automatic quantitative feeding device in hall 
◆Manual or automatic opening and closing device to cattle door of exit and the entrance
◆upgrade to take off the cup automatically device and electronic measurement device